Thursday, May 6, 2010

Future of Football

Football soon will not need instant replay to review a drop or catch ball. Footballs will have a chip to determine after the play if it hit the ground or not. There will be no need to take 10 to 15 minutes that can change a game by giving the teams time to regroup. It will also help with the problem with mistake calls even when there evidence to support otherwise.

Future of Drafting players

It's becoming more of a science when it comes to drafting a player. When a player is drafted it becomes a chance to change the face of the franchise. Instead of just watching film now on players, Teams are bringing in players and making them do bunch of activities. They are making them do it with wires on them so they can see every move they do and they determine how good of a player they can become

Basketball Combat

With basketball players getting bigger, stronger and faster the need for padding is becoming more a reality. Nike has made combat shorts and shirts for basketball. They have padding to resist injury from guys and girls running down full court and running into each other. James is the first person to start wearing it and he just started this year. He said it really helps avoid injuries and has helped play to his fullest potential every night

3d sports

With 3d movies becoming a big success the past couple of years in movie theaters, TV industry wanted to get in on the action. This summer the world cup will be broadcast in 3d. It will be the first time a major sporting event will be in 3d. The NFL will also be following through with this by adding 3d games also. This is how most sporting events may be broadcast in the future.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Future Outdoor Basketball shoe

This shoe is made by Jordan Brand. Its a shoe set to release in july and is said to be the best outdoor basketball shoe ever to be made. Its made specifically for outdoor basketball and has added grip for clay playgrounds. It also has air holes at the toe for the hot summer days so your feet do not sweat and get all yucky. The shoe is made from a strong leather so it can withstand wear and tear of outdoor conditions. This is the future of basketball shoes.

Future Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin is one the top players in the nhl today but he is starting to be compared to A Rod because he can't seem to step up in the big game. Last year he is was eliminated by Sid the Kid in seven games and they went on to win the Stanley Cup. But this past season he chocked in the Olympics by not even getting a medal. He then got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs after having the best record in the nhl and only playing good in two games the whole series. I feel like Ovechkin will never win a Stanley Cup because the cast around him will never be as good as other great players in the league. He meant up going down as the best player never to win the Stanley Cup

Future Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball the backyard game that everyone knows and loves. Its a small skinny yellow bat and wiffle ball. They also have special bats made for the really serious players. I can see though that wiffle Ball is going to be a future big time sport. There are leagues now that are becoming very competitive with big cash prizes for the winner in the leagues. There is a tournament were you can win 25,000 dollars. The way the ball moves makes it really exciting to watch and even harder to play.

Future NBA Star Brandon Jennings

The point guard is becoming one of the elite players in the game in only his first season. He lead his team to the playoffs with his two top players with injures and lead his team to game 7 of the playoffs against the hawks who were strongly favored. He scored 55 points in one game and become the youngest player NBA history to do that at the age of 19. He also has his own sneaker which is becoming a very popular sneaker. Brandon Jennings as all the right traits and the sneaker to become one elites in the game.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Future of LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the best, if not the best, basketball player currently in the National Basketball Association. He currently plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers. His contract is over at the end of this season. A lot of people want to know where he will be playing in the future. Many people say that he will stay with the Cavaliers in Cleveland. He was born in Ohio and Cleveland is considered his hometown NBA team. If he decides to stay in Cleveland, he will probably win a few championships, but he might have to take a discount on his contract. Other people are saying that he will be playing basketball for the New York Knicks next year. The Knicks have a lot of money that they can use to make LeBron James the highest paid player in the NBA. If he decides to go to the Knicks, he probably will not win a championship for a long time. The decision comes down to two things. Does LeBron James want to win championships or does he want to have a lot of money?

Future Tour de France

In the future, the Tour de France will become longer. Currently, the race is twenty-three days. In a few years, the Tour de France will take thirty days or one month to complete. The bikers who participate in this race are in extremely good shape. A few more days will be no problem for them. Also, technological advances will enable the bikers to travel further distances for longer times. The bikes that are used are designed for each stage of the race. The racers wear different helmets for different stages depending if it is a flat or mountain stage. In addition to the Tour de France being extended to thirty days, more racers will be allowed to compete. The race will be more exciting with more competition. The Tour de France will continue to be the top bike race for bikers in the future.

Future of Fighting in Hockey

In the future, hockey players will not be allowed to fight. The National Hockey League has been heading in this direction over the last few years. There have not been as many fights as there were in the past. Referees have been jumping in between players quicker in order to prevent fights. Eventually, the NHL will not allow fights. They will claim that the fights are sending out the wrong message to younger fans. Hockey fans all over the world will not like the NHL without fighting. Fighting is what makes hockey exciting. Society might not like the change, but the NHL will feel as if they are doing the right thing by preventing fights.

Future Soccer

Soccer will become more popular in the United States in the future. The fields will become shorter which will cause more goals to be scored. Today’s soccer fields are very long. These long fields cause players to run for most of the game including walking at some times. This slows the game down a lot. Americans like high energy sports with a lot of action and scoring. With more goals being scored, more people will become interested. Soccer will never become as popular in the United States as it is in European countries. Americans enjoy other sports like baseball, basketball, and football. A lot of European countries do not have these sports or very little of them. This is why Americans will never have the same passion for soccer as European countries do.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Future Drug Testing in MLB

In the future, drug testing will be mandatory for all players in Major League Baseball. There are many problems with players taking performance enhancing drugs in baseball these days. Many players were caught using steroids. In order to clean baseball up, drug testing will be used on a weekly basis. Each player will have to take the drug test and if they refuse to, they will be suspended. This is the solution to get all of the performance enhancing drugs out of baseball. If someone fails a drug test, they will automatically be suspended for half of the season. If they are caught a second time, they will be suspended for one year. Third time violators will be banned from baseball for life. Drug testing, on a weekly basis, will be used to stop MLB players from using performance enhancing drugs in the future.

Future NFL

In the future, the National Football League will create more teams. Currently, there are thirty-two teams in the NFL. All of these teams are located in the United States. The new teams that will be added to the league will not be located here. These teams will be located in Canada and Mexico. There have been regular season games played in these two countries in the past. In order to keep the number of teams in each division in balance, the NFL will add four teams in Canada and four teams in Mexico. There are eight divisions in the NFL right now and each one consists of four teams. Each division will add one of the new teams to balance them out. The NFL will eventually expand to forty teams in the future.

Future Mixed Martial Arts

In the future, mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, will become more popular. In a society that likes violence, this is this sport to watch. Fighters in the MMA train extremely hard to win matches. They go into the ring trying to rip their opponent into pieces. This is what people like to watch on television. As younger kids begin to watch this, they will want to be apart of it. They will train for it and the number of fighters in the MMA will increase in the future. The MMA will eventually become more popular than boxing. It will also become an Olympic sport in the future. People from all over the world will begin to train for this exciting sport.

Future of Boxing

In the Future, boxing will decline in popularity. It is on the decline right now because of other sports like mixed martial arts. There are a few big name boxers in the world today. In a few years, these boxers will retire and there might not be any big name boxers left. Very few young people are training to become boxers today because other similar sports are more popular. Boxing will never disappear, but it will continue to lose fans. The future of boxing depends on the big name boxers of today. If they don’t fight against each other in the near future, boxing will be a thing of the past.

Future Surfboards

In the future, surfboards will continue to get smaller. The smaller the surfboard, the easier it is to control. Weight is an important factor in determining what size surfboard people use. Smaller surfboards are used by smaller people and larger surfboards are used by larger people. Surfboard manufactures will experiment with surfboard designs so that anyone can use any size surfboard in the future. They will have to try different materials to hold the different weights of people. Anyone will be able to use any surfboard they want because of advances in the designs of surfboards in the future.

Future March Madness

In the future, the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament will expand from sixty-eight teams to 128 teams. There were only sixty-four teams in the tournament this March. After the tournament was over, the NCAA started to debate whether or not to expand the tournament to 128 teams. If this happened, there would be another round added to the tournament. This did not happen, but the NCAA did expand the tournament to sixty-eight teams. There will continue to be debates about expanding to 128 teams in the future. If the NCAA decided to expand to 128 teams, there would be a lot of college basketball teams that are not very good in the tournament. The tournament was fine how it was, but the NCAA will eventually expand because it will make more money with more teams.

Future Athletes

Athletes will be stronger, larger, faster, and smarter in the future. The athletes of tomorrow will be training their whole life to get into the sport of their choice. They will start lifting weights at a very young age. This will allow them to get stronger and larger. Also, athletes will be tall. Most athletes today are tall, but in the future, athletes will grow even larger. In addition to the strength of athletes, they will be faster. Athletes must be quick on their feet. With athletes training at earlier ages, they will be able to run faster and for longer distances. The athletes will also be smarter in the future. This will allow them to think quicker during critical moments while playing their sport. Athletes will have incredible strength, speed, and intelligence in the future.

Future Three Point Line in Basketball

In the future, the three point line in the National Basketball Association will be moved further back. There are a lot of basketball players in the NBA that can shoot three pointers with ease. In order to make the game more exciting, the three point line will be moved back. This will challenge the players in the NBA to adjust their shots. The game will be more difficult. Fans might complain at first, but eventually they will get use to it as players begin to make shots from the new distance.

Future Sporting Arenas

Sporting arenas of the future will be huge compared to the size of current arenas. The demand to see sporting events will increase. This means that more people will want to attend the games. The owners of the sporting teams will have to decide if they want to make an arena that can hold 150,000 to 200,000 people. Only the large cities that know they can bring in large crowds will attempt to build arenas this size. When smaller cities see the larger cities making large profits, they will build arenas that are very large. Arenas will also have hotels built right into them so that guest from out of town can come and watch games. This will help to draw in the large crowds. 150,000 people or more will be able to watch a game at a sporting arena in the future.

Future Football Helmets

Football helmets will change as more players in the National Football League continue to get head injuries. The sport has become very fast with a lot of hard hitting players. In the future, football helmets will be larger with more padding. The extra padding inside the helmets will help protect the football player’s heads during the game. In addition to this, football helmets will be more aerodynamic. This will allow players to run faster. The helmets of the future will also have built in cooling systems. The cooling systems will prevent football players from overheating. Designs of football helmets and technological advances will make football a safer sport in the future.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water is the newest sports drink out. It doesn't have salt and less calories then gatorade and powerade. Its mostly water with added vitamins you need for sports. It also has electrolytes that are need in sports to help refill the athlete. Vitamin Water now has 15 different flavors for a taste for everyone and each drink has different special vitamins you need in your life.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Under Armor

Under Armor is considered to be a life changing project in sports. It used in every sport now thanks to Under Armor. The technology was used to change swimming breaking all the records. Its also used to make people warm when they play sports by tripping the heat.
Under Armor has also changed the way basketball is play by adding padding that weighs hardly anything but protects your body from injury.

Todays Nascar Cars

Todays Nascar cars run on less gas and have more horse power. The reason they run on less gas because of the environment. The cars are now more powerful then ever. They able to go over 200 miles per hour a now.
Todays cars now have more safety features. They now have air bags on all the sides. They also have 2 set seat belt. Nascars are considered to be the safest cars to get in a crash with/

Today’s Tennis Balls How Tennis Balls Are Made

Have you ever wondered how a Wilson tennis ball is made? Above is a video that explains how a Wilson tennis ball is made. Tennis balls start out as small pieces of rubber which are called slugs. Slugs are then molded into the shape of half a ball. The center of tennis balls consist of two molded rubber slugs. Glue is then applied to two slugs to form a round piece of rubber. Two pieces of felt are then used to cover the rubber ball. Logos are then printed on the balls. After that, they are packed up to be sold.

Today’s March Madness

March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year for basketball fans. College basketball teams from all over the country compete against each other during the winter to try and get invited to the March Madness tournament. The tournament begins in early March with sixty-four teams evenly split into four groups. Each group consists of sixteen teams which are ranked from one to sixteen. The first round has thirty-two games and the second has sixteen games. These first two rounds take place in four days. The third round has eight games and the fourth round has four games. These two rounds also only take four days. The fifth round has two games and the last two remaining teams verse each other for the National Championship. Basketball fans all across the United Sates fill out brackets trying to predict the winners of each round and game. It is very difficult and some websites offer a cash prize for a perfect bracket. March Madness gets better every year.

Today’s Golf Clubs

Golf Club Assembly Tour at Diamond Tour Golf

Golf clubs usually start out as three separate pieces. When a golf company receives an order, they get the three parts and assemble them together. The first part is the shaft which is the long metal pole of the golf club. The head is then selected which is the part of the golf club the makes contact with the ball. The last part is the grip. Once all the parts have been selected, they are glued together. Above is a video that explains the steps that Diamond Tour Golf takes in assembling golf clubs.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is considered to be the best basketball in the world or the 2nd best depending on who you ask. Each year Kobe has his team has a favorite to win the championship and has won 4 rings. Kobe is considered to be the must clutch player in basketball. He has won more games then anyone in the league right now and is always taking over in the 4th quarter when his team needs him. He uses his large size at guard to control the game and amazing shooting form.
Kobe Bryant will finish the season around a little bitter then average in scoring. assists, rebounds.

Current Hockey sticks

Hockey sticks have change over the past couple of years. Hockey sticks in the younger years used to be just made of wood. Now hockey sticks are made of SHOX technology which uses a special molding process that changes the feel and quality of the stick. They also use carbonfiber now instead of wood.
Hockey sticks are now more advanced then ever before. Hockeys sticks now have different size blades and every hockey stick can now be personalized. Hockey sticks are no longer all the same.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Todays basketball shoe

The Hyper Dunk shoe is lastest new basketball shoe. The shoe is lightest basketball shoe on the market weighing bought 10 ounces. The shoe is so light because of flywire that makes up the outside but still makes durable. The shoe also has excellent ankle support making the shoe top of line for preventing ankle injuries.
This shoe is changing the way basketball shoes are being made. A lot of shoes are now copying this look with the Kobes and James new shoes.

Nba Review
Nba is now able to watch plays over again and review them to see if shots were shot before the buzzer. If shots were shot before the buzzer then they count if they make it. In the video it shows how officials are now able to watch it and determine who really is the winner. Just think of all the games were won and lost without technology in the Nba.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Today’s Wooden Baseball Bats

Many Major League Baseball players use wooden bats that are made of white ash or maple. The wood used to make the white ash bats comes from Pennsylvania and New York. These bats are light and durable. Out of all the white ash trees that are harvested, only the best ten percent are used to make bats. These trees are usually around fifty years old when they are harvested. Maple bats are just starting to be used in the MLB. The advancement of technology has allowed this. Previously, maple bats were too heavy. Now, they can be made with less moisture making them weigh less. Recently there has been a controversy in MLB because maple bats were breaking and hitting people in the stands or base coaches. MLB has turned to science to try and make maple bats more durable. In the past, hickory bats were used, but they are very heavy. Some baseball bat manufacturers are experimenting with bamboo. These bats are made of bamboo strips put together and are very strong. MLB baseball players are very picky about their bats.

Today’s Tour de France

The Tour de France has come along way since its beginning. Technology has played a big role in the development of the bikes that are used today. They are a lot lighter and aerodynamic. Today’s Tour de France also has many more riders. There are a number of teams. These teams all wear the same colors while racing. The overall leader of the race wears a yellow jersey. The 2010 Tour de France is the ninety-seventh and will start on July 3 and end on July 25. It consists of twenty stages which include mountain stages. Today’s Tour de France is very difficult and takes a lot of endurance.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today’s Soccer Ball

Soccer balls that are made today consist of three layers. The outer layer that can be seen is the surface or cover. This is usually made of a synthetic leather. The next layer is the internal lining. The internal lining has a few different layers of polyester or cotton. The last layer of the soccer ball is the bladder which holds air. This is made of latex or butyl. Once the layers are put together, thirty-two panels are cut into the ball. These panels consist of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons. The best soccer balls are made in Pakistan. They are hand stitched and professional soccer players use them. Today’s soccer ball has come a long way from its origin.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson Highlights

One of today’s most explosive football players in the National Football League is Desean Jackson. He is a five foot ten inch, 175 pound wide receiver on the Philadelphia Eagles. He may not be very big, but his speed makes up for his size. He is one of the fastest players in the NFL. The Eagles drafted DeSean Jackson in the second round in 2008. He has had an immediate impact to the team. DeSean Jackson has caught 125 passes for 2079 yards and eleven touchdown receptions in his first two years. He also returns punts and has scored three touchdowns while doing this. DeSean Jackson is a dangerous weapon for the Eagles. He will continue to help the eagles win football games. Watch some of DeSean Jackson’s highlights in the video posted above.

Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard Home Run 3/28

One of the best home run hitters in Major League Baseball today is Ryan Howard. He is a six foot four inch, 255 pound first baseman on the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies found a diamond in the rough when they drafted Ryan Howard in 2001’s fifth round. He made his major league debut in the 2004 season. He has 222 home runs and 750 hits in his career. Ryan Howard was named the National League Rookie of the Year in 2005 and National League MVP in 2006. He also won the home run derby in 2006. In 2008, he helped the Phillies win the World Series. Ryan Howard is also active outside of baseball. He has endorsements with Subway, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Fathead. Ryan Howard has a bright future playing baseball in Philadelphia. Check out the Ryan Howard highlight in the video posted above.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin highlights

The most energetic and fearless hockey player in the National Hockey League today is Alexander Ovechkin. He is a six foot two inch, 220 pound left winger on the Washington Capitals. He was born in Moscow, Russia. The Capitals selected Alexander Ovechkin first overall in the 2004 draft. He has forty-five goals and fifty-two assists this season. He has a total of 264 goals and 253 assists in his career. These numbers are very impressive. Alexander Ovechkin always skates his hardest and is not afraid of hitting other players. His physical style of play has made him very popular and has also helped his team. Alexander Ovechkin’s popularity has allowed him to sign endorsements with Hair Cuttery, Upper Deck, and Hype energy drinks. He will most likely get more endorsements in the future. Alexander Ovechkin will continue to dominate the NHL with his physical style of play. Watch the above YouTube video to see some highlights of Alexander Ovechkin.;_ylt=AueK9ClMKwKQBiwOE0nQhSBivLYF

LeBron James

LeBron James Highlights-insane clips.

The most electrifying player in the National Basketball League today is LeBron James. He is a six foot eight inch, 250 pound forward on the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James was drafted first overall in 2003 straight out of high school. He is currently averaging just under 30 points, eight assists, and seven rebounds per game this season. He is in the final year of his contract. NBA teams all across America have a chance to sign LeBron James in the offseason. He will most likely stay in Cleveland or go to the New York Knicks. Outside of basketball, LeBron James has many endorsements. Some of the endorsements are McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Nike. He also has his own shoe line. LeBron James is today’s most popular player in the NBA. Watch the YouTube video, which is posted above, to see some of LeBron James’ highlights.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today’s Skateboards

How Skateboards are Made

The design and shape of skateboards have changed from their origins. Here is a video that shows the process of making a skateboard. It shows the different layers of the board and how they are put together. It also shows how art is put on the board. Watch the video. It is interesting.

Today’s Surfboards

Surfboards have changed a lot over the years. Today’s surfboards are smaller than they use to be. Most are usually made between five and eight feet long. Surfboards are usually eighteen to twenty-five inches wide. The shorter boards that are used today allow riders to have more control. Making a turn on a shorter board is a lot easier than making a turn on a long board. Today’s surfboards are usually made with three materials. Foam is covered with fiberglass and resin. The fiberglass gives the surfboard strength and the resin acts as a protective cover. Once a surfboard is made, it can be painted. The design on the board is picked out by the person buying the board or the company that made the board. Today’s surfboards allow riders to maneuver better while in the water.

Today’s Snowboards

Over the years, snowboarding has become a very popular winter sport. The Olympics and X-games have made snowboarding popular all over the world. Today’s snowboards start out with a wooden core. Fiberglass is attached to the wooden core for flexibility. The bottom of the board is a polyethylene material which allows the board to glide over snow at high speeds. Some snowboarders put wax on the polyethylene to go even faster. Steel and rubber are placed on the edges of the board around the fiberglass. This allows the snowboarder to turn and stop. A topsheet, usually consisting of a plastic material, is then placed on the board. The art is placed on the topsheet. The development of snowboards has improved because of advances in technology.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Today’s Goalie Masks

Goalie masks are an important piece of equipment for goaltenders in hockey. Professional goaltenders have their masks custom made. The masks are made out of a strong plastic material or fiberglass. Some are even made out of a composite material. A wire cage is on the front of the masks so that the goaltender can see. The wire cage is made out of steel or a composite material. Most goalie masks are different sizes depending on the individual goalie. Goalies in the National Hockey League have their masks custom made. They have their own design painted on their masks. Today’s goalie masks are essential for the safety of hockey goalies.

Today’s Baseball Gloves

Baseball players use gloves that are made out of leather. Most of the leather comes from cow hide. Some gloves are made from buffalo skin, kangaroo skin, or pig skin. There are many different manufacturers of baseball gloves. Rawlings, Wilson, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Mizuno, and Nike are a few different manufacturers today. Different baseball gloves are needed for different baseball positions. Outfielders use a larger glove because they have to make a lot of catches. The second basemen, third basemen, and shortstop use small gloves because they have to get the ball out of their glove quickly. First basemen use a larger glove to catch the ball with ease. Pitchers usually wear a glove that is comfortable to the individual. Catchers wear a glove that has extra padding because they will be catching every pitch of the game. Some pitches can reach a speed of 100 miles per hour. Today’s baseball gloves are designed to help baseball players at certain positions.

Today’s Football Helmets

Football players must were helmets, to protect their heads from injury, in the National Football League. If a player takes their helmet off on the field, they will receive a penalty unless there is a time out. Today’s helmets are made out of polycarbonate. This material is strong and flexible. Padding is put inside helmets to cushion player’s heads. Also, today’s football helmets have face masks and chin straps. These help protect the faces of the players. There are many different styles of face masks in football. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, cornerbacks, kickers, and punters wear small face masks because they must have a good view of the field. Offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, tight ends, and running backs wear larger face masks because they get hit around a lot more than the other positions. Football helmets also have team logos on them. There are different logos for all football leagues. Today’s football helmets are designed to protect football players against head injuries.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

History of Polo

Polo is considered to be oldest team sport. The origin of when it started is unknown. It was first started to train the horses and riders and courts can be found all over the world from early history. The first match on record of the sport happen in 600 bc between Persians and Turkomans. The sport has been played all over the world throughout history. Polo has been considered more a rich man's sport since earlier on and that hasn't change much throughout history.

Water Polo

Water polo was a sport created in the mid 1800's in Britain. The game was mostly played for fun at festivals around Britain. In the late 1880's Britain created a water polo league and people around Europe starting to play the sport. Water Polo was one of the first Olympic team sports games allowed in the Olympics and that happen in 1900's. Water polo is now a beloved game for anyone that loves pool.

History of Skiing

Skiing is one of the active oldest sports. Its been around since the pyramids were created and we know this by drawings we have found. It started in Siberian back then and is now in the olympics. Skiing has change since then with development of ski boots and the ability to click your feet in and out of the skis. Around 1860 was the first race that was held in America and became a sensation amongst everyone watching it. Skiing is a part of America culture during the winter with a lot of people going to mountains just to experience the thrill of going down a hill 25 miles per hour.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Origin of the First Modern Soccer Ball

Soccer balls, as we know them today, were made by a man named Charles Goodyear. He patented vulcanized rubber in 1836 and made the first modern soccer ball in 1855. Goodyear used the vulcanized rubber as the material for the ball. The rubber was then glued at the seams to create a round ball. This soccer ball was used in a game that was played at Boston Commons. Oneida Football Club took on a team that was merged together consisting of Boston Latin and Boston English players. The team that won the game would receive the ball as the trophy. Oneida Football Club won the game. Later, the ball was donated to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1925.

The First Tour de France - 1903

Above is a link to a video that shows the early years of the Tour de France. The first Tour de France occurred in 1903. Geo Lefevre was a journalist for the L’Auto newspaper. He came up with the idea of a bike race to increase the circulation of the L’Auto newspaper. He decided to name the race Tour de France. The race started on the first of July with 60 riders. There were no teams in the race like there is today. Each rider was on their own without any sponsors too. If the rider’s bike broke, they had to fix it themselves. The conditions that the riders rode in were not very good as well. Dirt roads were used and riders had to ride during the night sometimes. The bikes weighed a lot and were not built very well. The first Tour de France did not have any mountain stages. Only 26 riders, out of the 60 who entered, were able to finish the six stages of the race. Maurice Garin ended up winning the first Tour de France. The race was a success for the newspaper company as their sales increased.

NBA’s Three-Point Line

The first time that a three-point line was used in the NBA was in the 1979-1980 season. It was only an experiment. The original length at the top of the key was 23 feet, 9 inches, while the corners were 22 feet. The line was put in the game in order to spread the players out. Before there was a three-point line, most of the players crowded around the basket. The first player to score a three-pointer was Chris Ford. It also made scoring increase and created more excitement. The three-point line became permanent in the 1980-1981 season. In the 1994-1995 season, the line was shortened to 22 feet all the way around the basket. This change didn’t last long and was eventually changed back to its original length in the 1997-1998 season. The three-point line brought a new dimension to a game that was already very exciting.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had a tough life growing up in Cairo, Georgia. He was born in the year 1919 and raised by his mother. He was very good at sports. He played baseball, basketball, football, and track at UCLA. Unfortunately he could not afford to pay for college and he had to dropout. He joined the army but received an honorable discharge because he was a victim of racial discrimination. He then joined the Negro Baseball League and played for the Kansas City Monarchs in 1945. Two years later, Robinson was asked if he would like to join the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Brooklyn Dodgers were in the major leagues. The year 1889 was the last time an African-American played in the major leagues. Robinson decided to join the Brooklyn Dodgers and ended up being the rookie of the year in his first year. Throughout his career, he was named the most value player in the national league and he hit 137 home runs. In 1962, Robinson made it into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

The Origin of Skateboards

The first skateboards were made in the 1950’s but they didn’t start as skateboards. A two by four and roller skate wheels were put together along with a handle to make a scooter. The skateboard was invented when the handle of the scooter broke off. This all took place in California where surfing was popular. People began to believe that skateboarding could be like surfing except on land. The first skateboards began to sell in 1959 and were called Roller Derby Skateboards. When the 1960’s came around, many companies began selling skateboards. In just three years, over fifty million skateboards were bought by people across America. The first skateboard competition took place in 1963 at Hermosa Beach, California. Skateboard sales declined two years later because experts were saying that they were unsafe. In the 1970’s skateboards were upgraded and made bigger. The kicktail allowed new tricks to be performed. Also, skateparks were created for a place to do tricks on ramps. Since the 1980’s, skateboarding has been very similar as to what it is now. New tricks have been done and new skateboarders have become famous. Who would have ever thought that a broken scooter could become something so popular?