Wednesday, March 3, 2010

History of Skiing

Skiing is one of the active oldest sports. Its been around since the pyramids were created and we know this by drawings we have found. It started in Siberian back then and is now in the olympics. Skiing has change since then with development of ski boots and the ability to click your feet in and out of the skis. Around 1860 was the first race that was held in America and became a sensation amongst everyone watching it. Skiing is a part of America culture during the winter with a lot of people going to mountains just to experience the thrill of going down a hill 25 miles per hour.

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  1. As a skier it is more then just an sport. It is an art. People have created custom forms every piece of equipment from the shaped skis to aerodynamic helmets. The latest innovations come from ski goggles. They have goggles that have cameras built in. The newest prototypes include built in gps and sensors that can log data as well as a heads up display to read the information right on the lens itself. With advances like this a whole new level of information has become to the regular skier.