Thursday, May 6, 2010

Future of Football

Football soon will not need instant replay to review a drop or catch ball. Footballs will have a chip to determine after the play if it hit the ground or not. There will be no need to take 10 to 15 minutes that can change a game by giving the teams time to regroup. It will also help with the problem with mistake calls even when there evidence to support otherwise.

Future of Drafting players

It's becoming more of a science when it comes to drafting a player. When a player is drafted it becomes a chance to change the face of the franchise. Instead of just watching film now on players, Teams are bringing in players and making them do bunch of activities. They are making them do it with wires on them so they can see every move they do and they determine how good of a player they can become

Basketball Combat

With basketball players getting bigger, stronger and faster the need for padding is becoming more a reality. Nike has made combat shorts and shirts for basketball. They have padding to resist injury from guys and girls running down full court and running into each other. James is the first person to start wearing it and he just started this year. He said it really helps avoid injuries and has helped play to his fullest potential every night

3d sports

With 3d movies becoming a big success the past couple of years in movie theaters, TV industry wanted to get in on the action. This summer the world cup will be broadcast in 3d. It will be the first time a major sporting event will be in 3d. The NFL will also be following through with this by adding 3d games also. This is how most sporting events may be broadcast in the future.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Future Outdoor Basketball shoe

This shoe is made by Jordan Brand. Its a shoe set to release in july and is said to be the best outdoor basketball shoe ever to be made. Its made specifically for outdoor basketball and has added grip for clay playgrounds. It also has air holes at the toe for the hot summer days so your feet do not sweat and get all yucky. The shoe is made from a strong leather so it can withstand wear and tear of outdoor conditions. This is the future of basketball shoes.

Future Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin is one the top players in the nhl today but he is starting to be compared to A Rod because he can't seem to step up in the big game. Last year he is was eliminated by Sid the Kid in seven games and they went on to win the Stanley Cup. But this past season he chocked in the Olympics by not even getting a medal. He then got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs after having the best record in the nhl and only playing good in two games the whole series. I feel like Ovechkin will never win a Stanley Cup because the cast around him will never be as good as other great players in the league. He meant up going down as the best player never to win the Stanley Cup

Future Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball the backyard game that everyone knows and loves. Its a small skinny yellow bat and wiffle ball. They also have special bats made for the really serious players. I can see though that wiffle Ball is going to be a future big time sport. There are leagues now that are becoming very competitive with big cash prizes for the winner in the leagues. There is a tournament were you can win 25,000 dollars. The way the ball moves makes it really exciting to watch and even harder to play.

Future NBA Star Brandon Jennings

The point guard is becoming one of the elite players in the game in only his first season. He lead his team to the playoffs with his two top players with injures and lead his team to game 7 of the playoffs against the hawks who were strongly favored. He scored 55 points in one game and become the youngest player NBA history to do that at the age of 19. He also has his own sneaker which is becoming a very popular sneaker. Brandon Jennings as all the right traits and the sneaker to become one elites in the game.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Future of LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the best, if not the best, basketball player currently in the National Basketball Association. He currently plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers. His contract is over at the end of this season. A lot of people want to know where he will be playing in the future. Many people say that he will stay with the Cavaliers in Cleveland. He was born in Ohio and Cleveland is considered his hometown NBA team. If he decides to stay in Cleveland, he will probably win a few championships, but he might have to take a discount on his contract. Other people are saying that he will be playing basketball for the New York Knicks next year. The Knicks have a lot of money that they can use to make LeBron James the highest paid player in the NBA. If he decides to go to the Knicks, he probably will not win a championship for a long time. The decision comes down to two things. Does LeBron James want to win championships or does he want to have a lot of money?

Future Tour de France

In the future, the Tour de France will become longer. Currently, the race is twenty-three days. In a few years, the Tour de France will take thirty days or one month to complete. The bikers who participate in this race are in extremely good shape. A few more days will be no problem for them. Also, technological advances will enable the bikers to travel further distances for longer times. The bikes that are used are designed for each stage of the race. The racers wear different helmets for different stages depending if it is a flat or mountain stage. In addition to the Tour de France being extended to thirty days, more racers will be allowed to compete. The race will be more exciting with more competition. The Tour de France will continue to be the top bike race for bikers in the future.

Future of Fighting in Hockey

In the future, hockey players will not be allowed to fight. The National Hockey League has been heading in this direction over the last few years. There have not been as many fights as there were in the past. Referees have been jumping in between players quicker in order to prevent fights. Eventually, the NHL will not allow fights. They will claim that the fights are sending out the wrong message to younger fans. Hockey fans all over the world will not like the NHL without fighting. Fighting is what makes hockey exciting. Society might not like the change, but the NHL will feel as if they are doing the right thing by preventing fights.

Future Soccer

Soccer will become more popular in the United States in the future. The fields will become shorter which will cause more goals to be scored. Today’s soccer fields are very long. These long fields cause players to run for most of the game including walking at some times. This slows the game down a lot. Americans like high energy sports with a lot of action and scoring. With more goals being scored, more people will become interested. Soccer will never become as popular in the United States as it is in European countries. Americans enjoy other sports like baseball, basketball, and football. A lot of European countries do not have these sports or very little of them. This is why Americans will never have the same passion for soccer as European countries do.