Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Future Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball the backyard game that everyone knows and loves. Its a small skinny yellow bat and wiffle ball. They also have special bats made for the really serious players. I can see though that wiffle Ball is going to be a future big time sport. There are leagues now that are becoming very competitive with big cash prizes for the winner in the leagues. There is a tournament were you can win 25,000 dollars. The way the ball moves makes it really exciting to watch and even harder to play.


  1. Wiffle Ball is a childhood pastime for many generations. Until I read your blog, I had no idea that it was already a competitive sport. As I was reading this, I can see how in the future, it will become a more serious sport. Artistically, they may make advances on the bat and ball itself. Maybe adding some color changes or something along those lines. And scientifically, they may again, make advances on it.

  2. I think the biggest factor in the resurgence of Wiffle Ball is college. Often, the intramural activities are tweaked versions of actual sports, or a combination of sports, which can get boring in some cases. Wiffle ball may be a version of baseball, but it always has some level of excitement. Besides, who doesn't love a little wiffle ball.