Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Future Outdoor Basketball shoe

This shoe is made by Jordan Brand. Its a shoe set to release in july and is said to be the best outdoor basketball shoe ever to be made. Its made specifically for outdoor basketball and has added grip for clay playgrounds. It also has air holes at the toe for the hot summer days so your feet do not sweat and get all yucky. The shoe is made from a strong leather so it can withstand wear and tear of outdoor conditions. This is the future of basketball shoes.


  1. Technology is developing in all sectors. It is very interesting to see how much thought is put into a shoe. What makes this new basketball shoe special is the attempt of the maker to put the condition of outdoors and weather in to consideration. Most people especially children would be very interested to have such a fancy looking basketball shoe. Depending on the affordability of the shoe brand it would be wise to buy one because of its durability and off course the look.

  2. I found this piece to be really exciting for me. Unless you play basketball you don’t really know how difficult it is to play on an outdoor court with shoes made for an indoor wood floor. The technology of the breathable material and the extra grip is a great idea. Of course this shoe would be made by the company owned by Michael Jordan.