Thursday, May 6, 2010

Basketball Combat

With basketball players getting bigger, stronger and faster the need for padding is becoming more a reality. Nike has made combat shorts and shirts for basketball. They have padding to resist injury from guys and girls running down full court and running into each other. James is the first person to start wearing it and he just started this year. He said it really helps avoid injuries and has helped play to his fullest potential every night


  1. For decades, basketball has been played with little more protection than a shirt, shorts and shoes. The injuries come from overly aggressive players who are violent towards other players. This seems to be the wave of the future, instead of teaching the values of the sport, people are instead driven to win. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, there are limits in the form of rules in the game. Society needs to step back in line and realize that there are reasons for these rules. However, protecting athletes who may be innocent is beneficial. This is especially true of the athlete makes millions of dollars a year. The team can not afford to lose the player.

  2. I think this type of protective clothing for sports will become widely accepted and used in the future. Before long it will be part of the team uniform since every player will want the advantages that it gives those who wear it. It would be nice if sport was sport and combat was combat but I think now that sports players have crossed the lines and have become aggressive they will not revert back to less violent play so protection makes sense for physical safety and to protect a team's investment in players.