Monday, March 1, 2010

The Origin of Skateboards

The first skateboards were made in the 1950’s but they didn’t start as skateboards. A two by four and roller skate wheels were put together along with a handle to make a scooter. The skateboard was invented when the handle of the scooter broke off. This all took place in California where surfing was popular. People began to believe that skateboarding could be like surfing except on land. The first skateboards began to sell in 1959 and were called Roller Derby Skateboards. When the 1960’s came around, many companies began selling skateboards. In just three years, over fifty million skateboards were bought by people across America. The first skateboard competition took place in 1963 at Hermosa Beach, California. Skateboard sales declined two years later because experts were saying that they were unsafe. In the 1970’s skateboards were upgraded and made bigger. The kicktail allowed new tricks to be performed. Also, skateparks were created for a place to do tricks on ramps. Since the 1980’s, skateboarding has been very similar as to what it is now. New tricks have been done and new skateboarders have become famous. Who would have ever thought that a broken scooter could become something so popular?

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  1. A few members of my family had a skateboard when they were growing up in the 1970's and have showed me what they looked like. They were a piece of plastic with really crummy wheels. Now you look at skateboards in a completly different way. They upgraded from the plastic looking ones to the ones made out of wood. It is amazing how popular the atletic sport of skateboarding has become. It is even portrayed in video games such as the Tony Hawk series. And in childhood cartoons such as the old cartoon series "Rocket Power". Your research was very well done and your topic was very informative