Thursday, May 6, 2010

3d sports

With 3d movies becoming a big success the past couple of years in movie theaters, TV industry wanted to get in on the action. This summer the world cup will be broadcast in 3d. It will be the first time a major sporting event will be in 3d. The NFL will also be following through with this by adding 3d games also. This is how most sporting events may be broadcast in the future.

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  1. This is funny, and I think that it be be a huge hit to see the cup in 3D. Everytime i go to the movies to see a 3D flick the preview at the begining for the new LG, well i think it's LG, Tv that allows you and you family to watch 3D from your home. I don't know how i feel about having the whole family owning thier own pair of 3D shades to sit in the living room with them on for hours at a time, it supposed to be something different. A day out perhaps no something that loses its value by bringing it into the house. Scientifically, i would looooooove for them to create a way to watch 3D without the stupid glasses. I hate them. Artistically, working with the scientist to make sure the graphics look just as good with out 3D glasses. And cultrally, people will stop going out togethere to different events becuase they will have it in their own homes. No one will hang out because we will all have the best of the best and who want to leave the confort of thier home to do the same thing from someone elses home.