Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Origin of the First Modern Soccer Ball

Soccer balls, as we know them today, were made by a man named Charles Goodyear. He patented vulcanized rubber in 1836 and made the first modern soccer ball in 1855. Goodyear used the vulcanized rubber as the material for the ball. The rubber was then glued at the seams to create a round ball. This soccer ball was used in a game that was played at Boston Commons. Oneida Football Club took on a team that was merged together consisting of Boston Latin and Boston English players. The team that won the game would receive the ball as the trophy. Oneida Football Club won the game. Later, the ball was donated to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1925.


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  1. this is the craziest looking soccer ball i have ever seen, and its funny that good year had something to do with it. right now this dented rubber ball, looks more like a hacky sack then anything else. i was not aware of soccer dating back that far. however thats really cool that this is the fist soccer ball it don't look like it rolls very well of can be kicked vary far but hey! it's what started it all