Friday, April 30, 2010

Future Drug Testing in MLB

In the future, drug testing will be mandatory for all players in Major League Baseball. There are many problems with players taking performance enhancing drugs in baseball these days. Many players were caught using steroids. In order to clean baseball up, drug testing will be used on a weekly basis. Each player will have to take the drug test and if they refuse to, they will be suspended. This is the solution to get all of the performance enhancing drugs out of baseball. If someone fails a drug test, they will automatically be suspended for half of the season. If they are caught a second time, they will be suspended for one year. Third time violators will be banned from baseball for life. Drug testing, on a weekly basis, will be used to stop MLB players from using performance enhancing drugs in the future.

Future NFL

In the future, the National Football League will create more teams. Currently, there are thirty-two teams in the NFL. All of these teams are located in the United States. The new teams that will be added to the league will not be located here. These teams will be located in Canada and Mexico. There have been regular season games played in these two countries in the past. In order to keep the number of teams in each division in balance, the NFL will add four teams in Canada and four teams in Mexico. There are eight divisions in the NFL right now and each one consists of four teams. Each division will add one of the new teams to balance them out. The NFL will eventually expand to forty teams in the future.

Future Mixed Martial Arts

In the future, mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, will become more popular. In a society that likes violence, this is this sport to watch. Fighters in the MMA train extremely hard to win matches. They go into the ring trying to rip their opponent into pieces. This is what people like to watch on television. As younger kids begin to watch this, they will want to be apart of it. They will train for it and the number of fighters in the MMA will increase in the future. The MMA will eventually become more popular than boxing. It will also become an Olympic sport in the future. People from all over the world will begin to train for this exciting sport.

Future of Boxing

In the Future, boxing will decline in popularity. It is on the decline right now because of other sports like mixed martial arts. There are a few big name boxers in the world today. In a few years, these boxers will retire and there might not be any big name boxers left. Very few young people are training to become boxers today because other similar sports are more popular. Boxing will never disappear, but it will continue to lose fans. The future of boxing depends on the big name boxers of today. If they don’t fight against each other in the near future, boxing will be a thing of the past.

Future Surfboards

In the future, surfboards will continue to get smaller. The smaller the surfboard, the easier it is to control. Weight is an important factor in determining what size surfboard people use. Smaller surfboards are used by smaller people and larger surfboards are used by larger people. Surfboard manufactures will experiment with surfboard designs so that anyone can use any size surfboard in the future. They will have to try different materials to hold the different weights of people. Anyone will be able to use any surfboard they want because of advances in the designs of surfboards in the future.

Future March Madness

In the future, the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament will expand from sixty-eight teams to 128 teams. There were only sixty-four teams in the tournament this March. After the tournament was over, the NCAA started to debate whether or not to expand the tournament to 128 teams. If this happened, there would be another round added to the tournament. This did not happen, but the NCAA did expand the tournament to sixty-eight teams. There will continue to be debates about expanding to 128 teams in the future. If the NCAA decided to expand to 128 teams, there would be a lot of college basketball teams that are not very good in the tournament. The tournament was fine how it was, but the NCAA will eventually expand because it will make more money with more teams.

Future Athletes

Athletes will be stronger, larger, faster, and smarter in the future. The athletes of tomorrow will be training their whole life to get into the sport of their choice. They will start lifting weights at a very young age. This will allow them to get stronger and larger. Also, athletes will be tall. Most athletes today are tall, but in the future, athletes will grow even larger. In addition to the strength of athletes, they will be faster. Athletes must be quick on their feet. With athletes training at earlier ages, they will be able to run faster and for longer distances. The athletes will also be smarter in the future. This will allow them to think quicker during critical moments while playing their sport. Athletes will have incredible strength, speed, and intelligence in the future.

Future Three Point Line in Basketball

In the future, the three point line in the National Basketball Association will be moved further back. There are a lot of basketball players in the NBA that can shoot three pointers with ease. In order to make the game more exciting, the three point line will be moved back. This will challenge the players in the NBA to adjust their shots. The game will be more difficult. Fans might complain at first, but eventually they will get use to it as players begin to make shots from the new distance.

Future Sporting Arenas

Sporting arenas of the future will be huge compared to the size of current arenas. The demand to see sporting events will increase. This means that more people will want to attend the games. The owners of the sporting teams will have to decide if they want to make an arena that can hold 150,000 to 200,000 people. Only the large cities that know they can bring in large crowds will attempt to build arenas this size. When smaller cities see the larger cities making large profits, they will build arenas that are very large. Arenas will also have hotels built right into them so that guest from out of town can come and watch games. This will help to draw in the large crowds. 150,000 people or more will be able to watch a game at a sporting arena in the future.

Future Football Helmets

Football helmets will change as more players in the National Football League continue to get head injuries. The sport has become very fast with a lot of hard hitting players. In the future, football helmets will be larger with more padding. The extra padding inside the helmets will help protect the football player’s heads during the game. In addition to this, football helmets will be more aerodynamic. This will allow players to run faster. The helmets of the future will also have built in cooling systems. The cooling systems will prevent football players from overheating. Designs of football helmets and technological advances will make football a safer sport in the future.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water is the newest sports drink out. It doesn't have salt and less calories then gatorade and powerade. Its mostly water with added vitamins you need for sports. It also has electrolytes that are need in sports to help refill the athlete. Vitamin Water now has 15 different flavors for a taste for everyone and each drink has different special vitamins you need in your life.