Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today’s Snowboards

Over the years, snowboarding has become a very popular winter sport. The Olympics and X-games have made snowboarding popular all over the world. Today’s snowboards start out with a wooden core. Fiberglass is attached to the wooden core for flexibility. The bottom of the board is a polyethylene material which allows the board to glide over snow at high speeds. Some snowboarders put wax on the polyethylene to go even faster. Steel and rubber are placed on the edges of the board around the fiberglass. This allows the snowboarder to turn and stop. A topsheet, usually consisting of a plastic material, is then placed on the board. The art is placed on the topsheet. The development of snowboards has improved because of advances in technology.


  1. Snowboarding has become a very popular winter sport. It is now an Olympic event. This sport has always fascinated me just like skateboarding. and I have a few friends who are really into the sport. They always talk to me about their now boards and now I know a little more about them. Good topic

  2. Snowboarding has become it own subculture on the slopes. almost every mountain has built terrain parks for their need for speed and air. Boarders have dropped the old coverall type snow pants in favor of pants. jackets are changing just as fast, also to include earphones and other devices to be integrated into the jackets themselves. I wonder what other changes are in store for the slopes.