Thursday, May 6, 2010

Future of Football

Football soon will not need instant replay to review a drop or catch ball. Footballs will have a chip to determine after the play if it hit the ground or not. There will be no need to take 10 to 15 minutes that can change a game by giving the teams time to regroup. It will also help with the problem with mistake calls even when there evidence to support otherwise.


  1. I agree that with the technological advances that are growing each day, we are already capable of doing this. The fact that this will allow more time to watch the game, rather than waste time is more convenient for us as a society. Football in itself is an art and this will just allow more time for creation of ads to show off the new football.

  2. This intrigues me a great deal. I love the idea, but I have to bring up the point of tampering. I'm not sure I would trust a little chip in a football, one that can be manipulated before games and such. There could be a great deal of controversy, especially if a call favors one team over another. People will be screaming "stupid broken chip!" instead of "stupid ref!" At least with instant replays, people will know whether or not they are being cheated and something can be done about it. Then again, with the correct monitoring this could also be done with the chips. They could be analyzed after every game to ensure fairness. Overall, I like the idea a lot.