Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Future of Fighting in Hockey

In the future, hockey players will not be allowed to fight. The National Hockey League has been heading in this direction over the last few years. There have not been as many fights as there were in the past. Referees have been jumping in between players quicker in order to prevent fights. Eventually, the NHL will not allow fights. They will claim that the fights are sending out the wrong message to younger fans. Hockey fans all over the world will not like the NHL without fighting. Fighting is what makes hockey exciting. Society might not like the change, but the NHL will feel as if they are doing the right thing by preventing fights.


  1. I agree with you that the NHL is cutting back on allowing fights to occur because of the message it sends out. Not only are they not allowing fights, but if in fact there is a fight, you will not see the entire fight because the TV Network will go to a commercial as if it's a routine stoppage. This aggrevates me because I've played ice hockey for 10 years and knowing the aggressive style of the game, there needs to be action otherwise ice hockey will become a game of baseball or basketball on ice meaning rare contact.

  2. Robert, this is a great topic. I guess I really can see this from both sides of the argument. I honestly had no idea that the NHL was cutting down on fighting. I grew up watching hockey and going to Flyers games with my dad and brother and some of the most entertaining parts of the game were the fights. While the fights were an exciting part of the game I also wonder why we need them to have a good time. I think a lot had to do with the fact that everyone anticipates to see a good fight because they were so used to them. Fighting in hockey is sort of like a tradition and it will be interesting to see what the sport is like when it is gone. Will hockey still be popular when fighting is outlawed? I hope that those who grow up watching fighting-free hockey still enjoy the sport. I think they will but it will definitely change the sport.

  3. Fighiting will always be a part of sports. There isn't supposed to be any fighting in baseball, football, soccer or any of the above sports.

    Yes there are many "staged fights" in the NHL but when two people decide they want to go at it, they will regardless of consequences.

    If two men, mutually agree to drop the gloves and go skate to skate, let em.

    How many of those who want fighting banned in the NHL, watch MMA or boxing? That may be an interesting statistic.