Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Todays Nascar Cars

Todays Nascar cars run on less gas and have more horse power. The reason they run on less gas because of the environment. The cars are now more powerful then ever. They able to go over 200 miles per hour a now.
Todays cars now have more safety features. They now have air bags on all the sides. They also have 2 set seat belt. Nascars are considered to be the safest cars to get in a crash with/


  1. I can see the upgrades of running on less gas giving off a more "green" approach to Nascar. The safety things of having air bags on the sides and seat belts will that's good as well because some of those accidents are just unbelievable. I'm amazed that many don't get injured from them.

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  4. Interesting that you used a picture of Dale Earnhardt for this post, as much of the recent changes to vehicle safety in Nascar (specifically the neck brace) was put into place after the crash and subsequent death of Mr. Earnhardt. Sadly the sport had to lose one of its most famous drivers before the safety changes were made. Unfortunately, that is what usually brings on change in many things-- an untimely death.

    Nascar is one of the fastest growing sports. The amount of technology is this sport goes far beyond safety.

    Drivers apply scientific techniques while entertaining their fans. One example of this is the art of drafting. Many races have been won due to the drafting technique.