Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Origin of Snowboards

The first snowboard was believed to be made in 1929 by a man named M.J. “Jack” Burchett. He used a wooden plank, clothesline, and horse reins. It was very basic. Later, in 1965, a man named Sherman Poppen came up with an idea. He lived in the Rocky Mountains. Poppen put two skis together and gave the toy to his daughter as a present. His wife called it the Snurfer. It had a rope in the front for riders to hold. It only took ten years for one million Snurfers to be sold. Others eventually began making their own versions of snowboards.

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  1. I had always imagined snowboards were created much more recent then 1929. I know Skiing has been around for a long time but its very interesting to know that such a popular hobbie such as snowboarding has been her for longer then i thought. I'm a skiier myself but I plan to try snowboarding out eventually. Snowboarding is socially excepted and is something many people gather with friends and family to enjoy themselves. Artwork is involved because lets face it almost all the borads and skiis are the same the images and colors upon them make them more appealing. Science is involved becuase as i can see in the picture snowboards no longer look like that, engineering in design has created boards without rope attached.