Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Origin of The Basball Glove

In the early 1870s, baseball players did not wear baseball gloves. According to Albert G. Spalding, who played on the Boston Red Stockings and Chicago White Stockings, players did not want to look like they were scared of the ball. The first player that Spalding saw wearing a glove was Charles C. Waite in 1875. Waite's glove was a flesh color so that it would not attract a lot of attention. The back of the glove was open in order to get air to flow in and out. Spalding was a pitcher and his hand was always taking a beating. In 1877, Spalding decided to wear a black glove for hand protection. As years passed, more players began to wear baseball gloves.


  1. I love the fact your blog team is working on athletic equipment. There are so many different names and styles of baseball gloves. Such as Nike, Easton, RAWLINGS, LOUISVILLE SLUGGER, DEMARINI, and Mizuno, Wilson. In some local stores it’s economically cheaper to purchase. For the actual paid baseball player they pay hundreds of dollars. The first players who wore gloves were even looked down upon for not being tough enough, but soon gloves became a standard piece of equipment for safety reasons. In order to find the right glove its best to choose, fitting and taking care of the baseball glove to many baseball players their glove, ball, and bats are their babies!
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  2. I am a big fan of baseball. The old baseball gloves look like garden or work gloves that people use today. They have certainly changed over the years and for the better. I can only imagine how much it must have hurt your hand catching the ball barehanded compared to catching it with a glove. It speaks volumes that players in the old days did not wear gloves to avoid looking afraid of the ball. Either it was a sign of weakness among the men or no one really thought about how much less painful it would be wearing a glove.