Monday, February 22, 2010

The Origin of Goalie Mask's In Hockey

The first year that a goalie mask was worn in hockey was 1927. Elizabeth Graham wore a fencing mask to protect herself from the puck. Later, in the year 1929, a goalie by the name of Clint Benedict began to wear a leather mask that was designed by himself. Wearing goalie masks did not become popular until a goalie from the Canadiens’ hockey team began to wear one in 1959. Jacques Plante suffered many broken bones from pucks hitting his face and decided it was time to protect his face with a mask. He designed a fiberglass mask that was a mold of his face. It was plain white with no art on it. There was an opening for each of his eyes and an opening for his mouth.

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  1. Look at how far that goalie mask has come.
    It's one of the most recognized symbols of hockey, and often is decorated with wild designs by the goaltenders, to give them more of an identity, since their faces are covered.
    I know my favorite position was always the goalie, that job always seemed to be the foundation of the team to me.