Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miracle in the Meadowlands

The Miracle in the Meadowlands occurred at the end of a football game on November, 19 1978. The Philadelphia Eagles were playing against the New York Giants in New York. The game was late in the fourth quarter with only a few seconds left. The giants had the ball and the lead. The Eagles had no timeouts to stop the clock. All the Giants had to do to win the game was run out the clock. Instead of kneeling the ball, the Giants tried to run the ball and ended up fumbling. Herman Edwards, from the Eagles, picked up the fumble and scored a touchdown to win the game for the Eagles. The final score was 17-12. This game showed everyone why kneeling the ball at the end of a game is better then running the ball. There is more of a chance to fumble when running the ball. This is why teams with leads late in games kneel the ball today.

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